Slide WE HAVE TEAM SPIRIT Flat hierarchies and teamwork are more than just empty words for us, they are lived reality. We are proud of this.


Effective teamwork is an integral part of our success.

Successful collaboration requires forming specialists into an agile team and coordinating different working styles. Only when each member has a fixed place in the team can demanding challenges be successfully mastered together and each individual develop his or her full potential. When putting together our teams, we therefore not only pay attention to know-how and performance, but above all to ensuring that "the chemistry" is right.

This creates highly motivated teams that offer the necessary space for individual development and in which personal and professional advancement is the main focus. To ensure that our teams are successful in the long term, we rely on continuous training and external as well as internal knowledge transfer between employees. The competence of our IT experts is regularly proven by current manufacturer certifications.

Advantages of functioning teams

  • Release of creativity and synergies
  • Variety of ideas, experiences and approaches to solutions
  • Division of responsibility
  • Mutual support and motivation among each other

IT has been our passion for over 20 years.

Our CEO, Marco Barenkamp, himself a software developer with heart and soul, has been working with former board member Axel van Lil since the company was founded in 2000, gradually building LMIS AG into an IT company that has been renowned and recognized for years. In the meantime, our LMIS AG is represented at the locations in Osnabrück, Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Wuppertal with a good 100 employees and a further member of the board, represented by our long-standing colleague Sascha Dömer.

Marco Barenkamp

Chairman of the Board & Founder (CEO)

Marco Barenkamp is the founder of LMIS AG and, as CEO, is responsible for the business areas of finance, human resources, strategic orientation and R&D.

He holds a degree in Business Information Technology (with honors) and a Master of Laws in Business Law (also with honors). He has also written his Phd thesis on the topics of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and IoT in medium-sized IT companies.

Since his appointment as senator in the Senate of Economics, he has also been committed to the promotion of an ecological and social market economy in Germany.

For a continuous exchange between science and business, Marco Barenkamp teaches at various universities and colleges with a focus on Management & IT.

Sascha Dömer

Member of the Board (CDO)

Sascha Dömer is a graduate computer scientist and has excellent knowledge in conceptual and practical Software Engineering.

His focus is on enterprise development and software quality assurance. Sascha Dömer is responsible for the area of strategic Software Engineering as a member of the board of LMIS AG.

He describes himself as a source of ideas and motivating coordinator. His passion is to create an ecosystem for the self-sufficient teams at LMIS in which they can develop their full potential.

As an expert for agile process models, he succeeds in applying and passing on his knowledge of modern project management in a goal-oriented way - something that is highly appreciated by his colleagues as well as our customers and cooperation partners.

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