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Microsoft products

Optimization of productivity using Microsoft products

Microsoft is the world’s leading manufacturer of standard software, services, and solutions, helping people and businesses in all industries and of all sizes fully develop their potential. Security and reliability, innovation and integration, as well as transparency and interoperability, are key factors in the development of Microsoft products. As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2017

The latest generation of Microsoft databases offers users a wide range of new features. The system is ideal not only for mission-critical applications and business intelligence requirements, but also for integration in cloud environments. In this way, on-premises-only environments can be extended to cloud support with the reliability that you have become accustomed to. With Microsoft SQL Server, developers can program applications and store and use any data type on any device.

Microsoft Office 365

Productivity, mobility, and security

Microsoft’s Office 365 equips you with a comprehensive package of professional tools that satisfy the stringent demands of professional, modern cooperation within your company. At the same time, all Office 365 applications are compatible with the platforms and devices of your choice. The Office 365 licensing model enables you to customize products precisely to your requirements, and offers ideal opportunities for monitoring which versions are installed and licensed.

Volume licenses

SMEs benefit from being able to purchase all of their Microsoft software under a single agreement. This makes licensing even easier. The more extensive options also improve internal software management. Unlike single-user licenses, volume licensing agreements have a product activation key for downloading licenses. This key is then used to simply distribute the products within the company. Volume licenses come with special access rights. Downgrades to previous versions are only possible with such access rights. In the same vein, only volume-licensed Microsoft products can be operated on virtual desktop infrastructures. In addition, volume licenses can also be provided via VDI or Remote Desktop Services. This option does not exist with single-user licenses, because they may only be installed and used on the licensed computer.

Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA licenses)

SPLA licensing is another model. This type of licensing enables system houses to offer hosted IT services on Microsoft-based systems. As a service provider and a Microsoft SPLA partner, we can lease Microsoft licenses to you, as long as your systems run in our data center. These licenses are charged on a monthly basis. You only need to pay for licenses you actually use that month. This means that you can always use the latest versions of Microsoft products, without any investment risk or upfront costs.

Red Hat products

Red Hat Logo as red hat

Individual offer from Red Hat Business Partner

Red Hat offers solutions in the areas of middleware, virtualization, cloud computing, storage, mobile, container, management as well as support, training and consulting services.

As a Red Hat Business Partner, we would be happy to put together an individual offer for you.

RedHat Enterprise Linux Logo as red hat

The basis for the enterprise-ready Hybrid Cloud

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is an open source operating system and the world's leading enterprise Linux platform. Using it as a foundation, you can scale current apps and introduce emerging technologies - for bare-metal, virtual, container, and cloud environments of all types.

RedHat Virtualization Logo as red hat

Virtualizing Windows Workloads

Red Hat® Virtualization is a software-defined open source platform for virtualizing Linux and Windows workloads. This technology is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and the Kernel Based Virtual Machine (KVM), and includes management tools to virtualize resources, processes, and applications.

RedHat JBoss Logo

The boss of all processes

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is designed to provide simplified deployment and comprehensive Java™ EE performance for applications in any environment. Whether local or virtual, in private, public or hybrid clouds, JBoss EAP features a modular architecture that launches services only when they are needed. Ultra-low memory requirements and fast startup times mean JBoss EAP is ideal for environments where efficient use of resources is a priority.

RedHat Openshift Logo

seamless development

Red Hatt® OpenShift helps you seamlessly develop, deploy and manage existing and container-based applications across physical, virtual and public cloud infrastructures. Built on proven open source technologies, the solution helps application development and IT operations teams modernize applications, deliver new services, and accelerate development processes.

Red Hat Single Sign-On

Red Hat Single Sign-On (RH-SSO) is based on the Keycloak project and allows you to protect your Web applications by providing Web Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities based on common standards such as SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, and OAuth 2.0. The RH-SSO server can act as a SAML or OpenID Connect-based identity provider and retrieve identity information and your applications via standards-based tokens with your enterprise user directory or third-party SSO providers.

AppDynamics APM

Application Performance Management mit AppDynamics

AppDynamics application performance management (APM)

Performance bottlenecks may occur due to rapidly growing volumes of data and increasingly complex business processes. This may lead to system instability – and in the worst case, to system failure! With the AppDynamics application performance management (APM) tool, we can prevent such a scenario from happening.

Get real-time insight into the business development of your company:

Application performance monitoring

Complete insight into business-critical transactions, down to the code line in multi-cloud environments.

Have your applications monitored by our application performance management (APM) solution, ensuring a high-quality user experience. Complex, distributed applications require effective end-to-end management. Our APM solution allows for application mapping, dynamic baselining, and code-level diagnosis.

End user monitoring

Monitoring the applications that customers rely on creates an excellent user experience.

The automatic recording of errors, system crashes, network intrusions, information about pages loaded, and other indicators enables you to improve the customer experience and to fix problems quickly. End user monitoring also enables you to pinpoint exactly how application programming interfaces and content services of third parties affect performance, giving you the information needed to enforce service level agreements.

Infrastructure visibility

Monitoring the servers and databases crucial for application performance means nipping problems in the bud.

Make sure that your application can fully rely on the performance of your underlying server, database, and network infrastructure. Infrastructure visibility offers profound insights into transactions, enabling you to identify and fix any problems with servers, databases, or networks, before customers notice them – within minutes.

Business performance monitoring

Find out how application teams can use Business iQ to promote business success by taking creative, effective action.

Business iQ offers direct, clear, and action-oriented insights into the relationships between application performance, user experience, and business success. Get contextual insights into individual transactions, customer segments, code releases, or even entire business services. Use an SQL-based AppD Query Language (ADQL) to easily study events and metrics related to applications, infrastructure, and user activities. Technical and business KPIs can be analyzed and visualized on a single central platform. Application teams can use such information to justify IT investments and to set priorities for programming and releases.

You can find a selection of AppDynamics case studies here.

AppDynamics Case Studies

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