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Why SAP?

Are you in the middle of your digital transformation, are you actively engaged in change management or are you already working agile? Then you also need a suitable infrastructure that adapts flexibly and dynamically to your requirements. With the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), we can create innovative cloud applications for you with low investment costs and accelerate integration throughout your entire value chain.

Real innovations can be created by linking the latest technologies with SAP standard systems.
Would you like to design your business processes digitally throughout your company and use state-of-the-art technologies such as AI, IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data or mobile apps? Our SAP expert Dominik Lübbers explains the advantages of the SAP Cloud Platform and how to implement value-added applications. ​

1What is so special about SCP and what benefits does it offer companies?
SAP's software systems are a recognized standard in many business areas and the corporate world would be unthinkable without them. With the SAP Cloud Platform, you can take your business applications to the next level. Designed as a platform as a service (PaaS), applications can be developed quickly and cost-effectively. Especially for companies that are growing rapidly or are in the middle of transformation, there are enormous advantages. They don't have to constantly rebuild their system at high cost and have new functionalities developed. Tools, servers and programming environment are provided in the cloud. For this reason, developers only have to worry about creating the application themselves. Thanks to our many years of experience in the development of SAP applications, we can develop highly dynamic applications for every area of your company. Our agile processes enable us to implement your solutions in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.
2Can SCP also be used for problems that are not related to SAP?
Due to the open architecture as PaaS you are not limited to SAP based applications. This is one of the platform's great strengths. All business processes can be mapped in the cloud and linked with modern technologies such as AI thanks to the high elasticity of the architecture. But the other point of view is also possible. Thanks to our expertise in the Microsoft Azure environment, we can allow both cloud worlds to interact with each other - resulting in real innovations. Of course, security-relevant questions such as guaranteed data storage in Germany and DSGVO conformity can also be answered optimally.
3So individual solutions can be integrated into the SAP standard?
Yeah, right. This is also the great added value we offer our customers, which sets us apart from the market. We don't do classic SAP consulting by simply adapting standard systems to the customer's needs. Instead, we develop specialized solutions together with our customers that meet the desired requirements 100%. To ensure that these solutions do not remain isolated solutions, we integrate the applications into the SAP infrastructure at our customers' sites and, if required, we are also happy to take care of the smooth operation and support of the entire application. The complete integration and networking of various applications into the overall architecture of your company-wide IT solution enables the use of additional technologies such as Big Data analyses using AI. Through the connection with the cloud service, everything remains highly dynamic and can be used in all departments completely independent of end devices and operating systems. This means that our customers are already equipping themselves now for future requirements.
4Why is SAP so relevant in the context of industrial companies?
SAP is the absolute market leader in the field of business software. For example, 91% of Forbes Global 2000 companies are SAP customers. Many of our industrial customers have been successfully using SAP systems for years. Replacing them would be extremely time-consuming and very costly. Therefore, the logical step is to expand and link them with modern technologies such as edge computing, IoT applications, AI analysis or single-source data management. For example, IoT topics can be presented very easily and with high performance via SCP, which is why the platform offers ideal application possibilities for the industrial sector. In addition, the cloud offers a wealth of exciting platform technologies that can be used profitably. In addition to IoT, these include Machine Learning, Big Data or Blockchain. These technologies are grouped together under "SAP Leonardo" and enable rapid development of innovative solutions in the SAP context.
5Where does our depth of experience come from and what role does our partnership with KNIPEX play in this?
Through strategic partnerships we have very direct and unfiltered insights into industrial production and business processes. We use this information to develop applications with cutting-edge technologies that can be used to optimize processes or implement new business models. Since our partners in the group generally rely on SAP company-wide, we can also develop applications in a real SAP cloud environment and are not dependent on abstract test environments. As a result, we know the challenges involved in integrating the latest technologies into a productive system. This also benefits our customers to a great extent, because this wealth of experience enables us to develop new applications much faster and more stable. Combined with our industry knowledge from other customer projects, this makes us the ideal partner for industrial companies for the development of cloud-based applications.




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