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In today's complex economy, information is the key to business success and profitability. OPC technologies were created to enable easy and secure information exchange between different platforms from different vendors and seamless integration of these platforms without costly and time-consuming software development. This frees engineering resources for the more important work of running your business.

Mission Statement​

The mission of the OPC Foundation is to lead a global organization in which users, vendors and consortia work together to create data transfer standards for cross-vendor and cross-platform, secure and reliable interoperability in industrial automation.

​ The OPC Foundation supports this mission.

  • Creation and maintenance of specifications​
  • Ensuring compliance with OPC specifications through certification testing
  • Cooperation with industry-leading standards organizations
1What does OPC UA mean?
The Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture is a collection of standards for communication and data exchange in the field of industrial automation. OPC UA standardizes industrial connectivity and ensures interoperability between products from different manufacturers.
2What added value does OPC UA offer?
Standardization eliminates many interface and integration problems.
3What challenges are there nevertheless?
Some basic problems remain of course - so you still need to know what data you are working with and how it was recorded. This is especially essential for data processing and for understanding the models generated by this data.

So even the self-description of one of the OPC UA metafiles is not sufficient. Especially with regard to our AI focus, i.e. image recognition, I need to know whether the images taken there were taken under constant lighting conditions or whether they were taken in natural light. It is also relevant whether there are other installations nearby that could cause interference. This is very important, especially when analyzing faults or investigating the causes of certain phenomena. And this is location or context information that is not yet coded in OPC UA.
4What does OPC UA have to do with artificial intelligence?
AI has a lot to do with OPC UA in that the OPC UA provides a very widespread, standardized interface to simplify data retrieval. This of course makes it easier for us to get started with data projects or data-driven solutions and provides a very simple link between the data that is generated at the machine and the solutions that are achieved through a machine learning model.




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