Slide PRODUCTIVE TEAMWORK & CLOUD. Microsoft Azure takes its place alongside the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, filling the gap between Microsoft's standard solutions and the individual requirements of our customers.


and have experts in Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Microsoft 365 & Mixed Reality

As a long-standing partner, we integrate Microsoft solutions into your business processes, considering the existing IT infrastructure. In this way we succeed in networking your employees, systems and processes. This is of course done in compliance with extended security standards. ​

Microsoft Azure ​

Microsoft's cloud computing platform makes it possible to free oneself from administrative tasks and leave them to the cloud provider. This not only saves time, but also money that can be invested in the further development of core competencies in order to increase business value.


„Microsoft 365 and intelligent hardware can simplify your technology management and support the productivity of your employees. The solutions can be used by companies of different sizes.“

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Bringing people together, completing tasks together and exchanging information via chat, video call or simultaneous editing of documents - that is successful collaboration. We will show you how Microsoft Teams serves as a central place for teamwork. Naturally, based on professional security and compliance functions.

Mixed Reality​

Looking over the shoulder of distant colleagues to discuss non-existent machines? We identify areas of application for HoloLens 2, implement solutions, integrate existing systems and support operations. Always with data protection in mind, we also offer complete packages in modern image recognition with Microsoft Azure Kinect. Let's talk about product quality assurance, automated acquisition of display values on old machines or the recognition of people and their interactions.


With Microsoft 365, your team can do more work from virtually anywhere on any device. Our training experts will show you how to use Microsoft solutions to improve communication, collaboration and productivity. And of course, we'll tailor the scope and content of the training to match your colleagues' prior knowledge.

Dynamics 365​

We integrate the suite of intelligent business applications with your existing systems to help you achieve better results through proactive, AI-based insights. Dynamics 365 is the next generation of CRM applications that bring your business and your customers closer together. We look at each case individually to see how to optimize the management of the entire company.

Power Platform​

Whether Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate or Power Virtual Agents - the Microsoft Power Platform is worth much more than the sum of its parts. Analyze data, develop solution strategies, automate workflows, and create virtual agents. We will show you how to create effective solutions to problems.


Connect, work together and give your best wherever you are. Get creative, get things done and stay in touch with hardware and software designed by Microsoft to bring people together. The Microsoft experts at our LMIS AG will show you which devices meet the needs of your team.


„Applications that make very dynamic demands on resources can always be provided with high performance and cost-efficiently by operating in the cloud.“

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1What goal do we pursue with a Microsoft partnership?
First and foremost, we benefit from news that reaches us exclusively as a partner. In addition, we can build up new knowledge through training courses and webinars and use licenses to test and evaluate Microsoft solutions. Thus, we are up-to-date, which naturally benefits our customers. Through our Microsoft partnership we can offer our customers a decisive advantage, which is also characterized by exclusive discounts. In short: We focus on a technological ecosystem in which we act as experts and thus offer our customers added value.
2What Azure services does LMIS offer?
We advise on the choice of the right cloud technology, individually depending on the application. We evaluate scenarios with regard to various aspects, i.e. the professional and technical suitability and possible cost saving potentials. We also design cloud-native applications, which we are happy to implement. The goal is often the gradual migration of applications to the cloud. Our services also include training on Azure-specific topics.
3Which problems are solved by this?
Each application has dedicated requirements for computing power, memory, network speed, etc. These are often difficult for companies to estimate in advance, especially if their own application is influenced by external factors or experiences a sudden hype. The Azure Cloud enables our customers to free themselves from the complexity of application management and automate it to a certain extent. This is because the use of PaaS or SaaS makes it possible to free oneself from administrative tasks and leave them to the cloud provider. This not only saves time, but also money that can be invested in the further development of core competencies. This reduces time-to-market, while ensuring flexibility and agility in development. Consequently, the adaptability to new situations is improved.
4Why is LMIS the right partner?
Our advantage is that we have become "big" with the development and operation of software and also know and understand the details "under the hood". Therefore, we are not ignorant consumers of services with a high degree of abstraction, but we know how to assess them in many different perspectives.


These are the advantages of a cloud solution at a glance
  • The high investment costs, the required know-how and the time needed to design an own IT infrastructure inhibit the scaling of the own product.
  • The cloud offers the possibility of an entry into an infrastructure that is scalable at any time with consumption-based prices for resources. Depending on requirements, resources can be allocated and released as needed and in real time.
  • Cloud technology promotes the willingness to innovate, as the company does not have to face high investment costs. In-house applications are improved through the integration of innovative and cost-effective AI services.

Due to the large number of already completed projects we are also familiar with the evolution of established technology stacks, frameworks and libraries and can rely on a portfolio of ready-made solutions and experience of our employees.

You want to stream your own multimedia content? We are happy to offer our expertise in the area of Azure Media Services.
Store and archive large amounts of data efficiently? No problem with Azure Storage and integrated lifecycle management.
Cloud as backup? We would be happy to design an architecture in which the cloud is available as a backup for your application.




Our service portfolio includes AI, AR, SWE and MIS. Our experts explain what exactly is behind these in video interviews.

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