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We develop individual agricultural software for smooth data transfer between agricultural machines and the agrirouter. In order to maintain the quality standard, all applications are certified before commissioning and then attended with our second level support. As an experienced expert in software development & certification, we can promise you that all requirements will be implemented in the best possible way.



  • New software developments
  • Further development of existing products
  • Holistic support of your projects
  • Individual requirements analysis
  • UI / UX design
  • Smooth performance & security
  • Fast and uncomplicated certification
  • Multilingual second level support

Software development

Do you have an idea for a clever software solution for whose implementation you need comprehensive IT know-how? Or do you currently lack the resources for a high-quality implementation? Our software experts will be happy to support you at any time and in an uncomplicated manner.

We will develop a requirements analysis tailored to your needs. Subsequently, in close coordination with you, we take over the conceptual design and implementation of powerful applications - across programming languages.


Every application that is supposed to be connected to the agrirouter needs a certification in order to be allowed to communicate with the agrirouter. We certify your applications of the type "Farming Software" and "Telemetry Platform".

Due to the synergy between development and operation, we are able to detect potential sources of error already during the certification process. If required, our team will consult with you to keep your overhead as low as possible. - SMART Certified in fact.

Quality management

To ensure that your application is prepared for the future, we draw on our results from numerous realized test cases in the development process.

With the experience from test management for the agrirouter and the broad knowledge in the customer sector, we succeed in the optimal implementation of your ideas. In doing so, we have UI / UX design, security and performance firmly in mind to ensure that your features are both intuitive to use and run securely and quickly. Thus, we fulfill our own demand for high-quality software development.

Operation & Support

We realize a multilingual telephone and written second level support for the agrirouter. Our support team is available 24/7 for your service requests.
We also offer continuous monitoring and reporting to ensure the smooth operation of your applications.

Our team has a hands-on and comprehensive understanding of the current challenges in the market. With this expertise, we can advise and support you in the development and connection of applications to the agrirouter.


Our Open Source Projects

We would like to share our experience and knowledge with you. Therefore, we present our open source projects on GitHub. There you will discover in detail, how different interfaces can be connected to the agrirouter. We are the only company in the world that provides open source code for the agrirouter freely available for you. With our Software Development Kits (SDKs), we also offer you an extensive collection of programming tools for the agrirouter, for example in .NET or Java. The SDKs are continuously developed further by us.

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Contentment at all levels

We contributed to the implementation of the agrirouter in the section of evaluating technical issues and clarifying central architectural questions.

"LMIS AG identified with the project to the highest degree and was able to contribute significantly to the success of the product through its in-depth expertise and experience in IoT architectures."

Dr. Jens Möller, managing director, DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG


1What is the agrirouter and what advantages does it offer?
The agrirouter is a data exchange platform for farmers and contractors that can be used to connect machines and agricultural software across manufacturers. For farms with mixed fleets, agrirouter creates the basis for automated, process-oriented data use. Each user sets individual data routes via the web-based agrirouter interface. The agrirouter is responsible for the fast data transport and stores data only temporarily. Farmers can thus retain control over their data and reduce the overall administrative effort. Via the agrirouter, data is transferred from the machine to the office with a single click. Additional tools for data exchange, such as USB sticks, become superfluous. Users can thus sustainably improve their operational processes and profitability.
2What relevance does the certification of applications have for their connection to the agrirouter?
Every application that wants to connect to the agrirouter requires certification in order to be allowed to communicate with the agrirouter. This certification ensures that the communication protocol of the agrirouter has been successfully implemented and that the application can implement all the necessary technical specifications. We certify your "Farming Software" and "Telemetry Platform" type applications.
3What are the challenges in developing and implementing an agrirouter application?
A number of pitfalls can arise during the development and realization of agrirouter applications. The integration of interfaces and the related functional and technical certification are regular challenges during integration. Thanks to our many years of expertise and our close connection with the project, we can find solutions more quickly. In this process, there are typical questions that come up frequently: How do I set up the system? How do I manage messages efficiently? What existing SDKs do I use? What is the architecture of the application? How do I achieve reliability? We will work with you to find answers to these and other questions.
4How does LMIS AG support you in mastering these challenges?
We have already been part of this DKE project for three years. Therefore we can draw on a wealth of experience when supporting customers. We are happy to make our collected knowledge from already realized use cases available to our customers and partners. For this reason, we publish our case studies and our SDKs on the open source platform GitHub and on our website. In addition, we also succeed in identifying potential challenges in individual cases through individual requirements analyses, so that we can develop needs-oriented solution approaches together with you. We are happy to take care of the realization, quality assurance and smooth operation of the software with our Managed IT Services. This makes us your continuous companion for your agrirouter project.
5Why are we the ideal partner for your project?
Due to the long-standing cooperation with DKE and the closeness to the platform, the entire team has a high level knowledge about the internal processes in the agrirouter. Among other things, this flows into our customized software solutions. As a Trusted Certification Partner, we know exactly what requirements an application must fulfill to connect to the agrirouter. We can therefore provide you with optimal support in the development of an application and thus prevent unnecessary correction loops.


Is there anything left open? Contact me.

"You would like to launch a new agrirouter project successfully? Let's see together which questions are still open and how I can support you best."

Sascha Dömer
Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
+49 (0)541 | 200 690-333





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