We are the agrirouter certification authority.

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Every application that wants to connect to the agrirouter needs a certification to be able to communicate with the agrirouter. This certification ensures that the agrirouter’ s communication protocol has been successfully implemented and that the application can implement all the necessary technical specifications.

"You want to connect an application to agrirouter and need the necessary certification? I would be happy to help you."

Sascha Dömer
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around the agrirouter

We certify your application. In addition, with our holistic quality management, we give you suggestions for improvement for your application. If required, we also support you in (further) development and provide you with our second level support.

of applications

We certify "Farming Software" and "Telemetry Platform" type applications. Due to the knowledge gained during the development of agrirouter in the field of test management, the tests of the certification can be carried out quickly and efficiently. In addition, the employees in the certification process come from the software development department, so that they can make individual adjustments to generate a low overhead on both sides - SMART Certified.

Thanks to the expertise gained from customer projects and the synergy between development and operation, it is possible for us to identify and efficiently address later sources of error during the certification process.

quality management

During the process, we are committed not only to the mandatory program, but also to thinking outside the box - and it doesn't matter whether it's SaaS or simple APIs via microservice.

With the experience from test management for agrirouter and the broad knowledge in the customer sector, we have, in addition to the technical test cases for certification, other essential points such as UI / UX, security or performance in mind and include the results in the protocol as suggestions for improvement. In this way, we meet our own demands for high-quality software development.

App development

Should there be a challenge where you need specialized IT help or are there places where resources are scarce for a high-quality implementation? You are welcome to contact us. Our IT experts of agrirouter connection are always happy to provide uncomplicated support.

We share our knowledge and help you - even across programming languages. We are happy to provide IT support in the area of conceptual design and also in the concrete realization, when it comes to implementing features as part of an agile process.

Operation & Support

We realize the second level support for the agrirouter. This includes multilingual telephone and written support, continuous monitoring and reporting using our own monitoring applications as well as resources provided by SAP.

Through the synergy with the operation & support team, we have a practical and realistic impression of the requirements and problems on the market. This allows us to bring this experience into the certification and consulting process.

Do you need support for such a project?

We manage projects from the initial idea to live operation and provide the necessary tools to keep costs, quality and time under control.




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