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For more than 20 years, we at LMIS have not only developed innovative software, but have also been involved in various associations, committees and research projects. In addition to our economic success, we see it as our duty as a company to actively contribute to our democratic society and to strengthen and promote Germany as a business location. For us, this includes regional promotion of young talent as well as involvement in economic and scientific societies and associations.

Implementation competence - with the right project sequence

1Academic Society for Artifical Intelligence e.V.
The Academic Society for Artificial Intelligence (ASAI) promotes discourse on issues related to artificial intelligence, especially on societal, political, economic, and social implications of developments in this field, based on scientific findings from the relevant disciplines. The association seeks to reflect on essential findings and developments from multiple scientific perspectives (including computer science, communication and political science, sociology, economics and philosophy) and to make them accessible propaedeutically to an interested lay audience. The association provides holistic educational work in the field of artificial intelligence and promotes the exchange between the disciplines.

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2Agrotech Valley Forum
For decades, a leading cluster of agricultural systems technology has developed around agriculture in northwestern Germany, consisting mainly of owner-managed companies. Against the backdrop of the digital transformation of the agricultural and food industry, the Agrotech Valley is working on the challenges of the industry beyond the boundaries of business, science and administration. The vision is a region as a globally significant incubator for sustainable food production based on digital technologies.

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The BVMW - Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft, Unternehmerverband Deutschlands e.V. is a party-politically neutral, voluntary and independent interest group for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a Germany of economic regions in the European single market. The BVMW stands up for social market economy and free entrepreneurship in Europe, which bears joint responsibility for the community.

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4Die Famlilienunternehmer
Die Familienunternehmer e. V. is an association of German family entrepreneurs representing around 6,000 members. The association is headquartered in Berlin, where the federal office is also located. Since 2017, the president of the association has been Reinhold von Eben-Worlée, managing partner of E. H. Worlée & Co. GmbH & Co. KG. The association is registered with the German Bundestag as an interest group.

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The Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL forms the core of the Gaia-X Vision organizational structure. It is an international non-profit association under Belgian law (French: association internationale sans but lucratif, abbreviated: AISBL). It was founded with the aim of developing the technical framework and operating the services of the Gaia-X Federation.

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IHK - Three letters that almost everyone has heard before. They stand for the network of 79 chambers of industry and commerce. The IHKs are institutions of the economy for the economy and at home in the regions. They are anchored here and know what moves the economy. Together with their member companies, they assume responsibility in their regions and help to improve the conditions for prosperity and growth. The chambers of industry and commerce promote the local economy and support it with a wide range of advice and tailored services. For example, they support company founders, provide information on legal and tax issues, and advise on expansion into international markets. At the same time, the chambers of industry and commerce keep an eye on trends and new topics. As public-law corporations, the chambers of industry and commerce fulfill more than 50 tasks entrusted to them by the state, independently and on their own responsibility. One of the best-known is their commitment to dual vocational training, which has helped young people start their careers for generations.

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7International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners e.V.
The IAMCP is a professional association of Microsoft partners dedicated to helping companies and individuals in the "Microsoft ecosystem" expand their business opportunities through partnerships with other IAMCP members - both within their own communities and globally. The association is organized into chapters in three main regions: Americas, APAC and EMEA.

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8iuk Unternehmensnetzwerk Osnabrück e.V.
The association "iuk Unternehmensnetzwerk Osnabrück e.V." is the mouthpiece of the IT and telecommunications industry in the Osnabrück economic area. The network represents 71 companies and 33 associate members. These include almost all local players and providers from medium-sized companies to 1-person firms. The network members thus represent a significant share of the market. The iuk Unternehmensnetzwerk Osnabrück e.V. is an innovative, powerful network. It unites the best minds and companies in the digital world in the Osnabrück region. The iuk Unternehmensnetzwerk is your contact in and around Osnabrück when it comes to IT and TC solutions.

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9Java User Group e. V.
The Java User Group Germany was founded in Darmstadt and sees itself as a forum for the exchange of experiences and as a contact address for people interested in Java in the German-speaking area. The association maintains a WWW server, where information and software can be retrieved, and a mailing list, where you can send your questions or comments. As an independent organization we have the possibility to help with problems and to represent user interests with the vendors of Java products. The association has the following goals - vendor independence - Provide information about JAVA - Provide software and applets around JAVA - Organize an annual Java conference - Negotiate favorable conditions for Java training and software - Create a discussion forum for Java licensees - Promote exchange of experience among Java developers - To set up mailing lists - Promoting local activities

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10KI Bundesverband
Artificial intelligence is one of the decisive technologies of our future. The members of the German Association for Artificial Intelligence are committed to ensuring that this technology is applied in the spirit of European and democratic values and that Europe achieves digital sovereignty. To achieve this, the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU must become an attractive AI location for entrepreneurs, where willingness to take risks is appreciated and innovative spirit meets the best conditions. The KI-Bundesverband stands by the side of AI entrepreneurs by representing their interests vis-à-vis politics, business and the media. The goal is an active, successful and sustainable AI ecosystem in Germany and Europe. Because only if the brightest minds and masterminds decide to start up, research and teach in the European Union can Germany and Europe hold their own in global competition.

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Rotary is an international network of 1.2 million dedicated men and women. The common vision is a world in which people together begin to create lasting change - in all countries, in our neighborhoods, and in ourselves. Rotarians cultivate international friendships, live by their social principles, and join together to lend a hand where humanitarian aid is needed. The problems of our time require a consistent commitment and a realistic vision for the future. This is where Rotary, as a globally established organization, has been leading the way for more than 110 years to find sustainable solutions - locally and internationally. Rotary members feel responsible for the people on this planet. More than 35,000 clubs organize projects in six focus areas: - Working for peace - disease control - Water and sanitation issues - Mother and child care - Promoting education - Economic development

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12Senat der Wirtschaft
The Senate of Commerce operates according to John F. Kennedy's guiding principle: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask rather what you can do for your country!" Accordingly, constant and trusting dialog with political decision-makers in parliaments and governments is more necessary today than ever. Our politics needs the practice-oriented expertise of entrepreneurs and executives from business and other sectors of society. The Senate of the Economy contributes to this: It brings together politics, business and science to jointly find common good-oriented solutions to the societal challenges of our time. The association pursues the following goals: - Promoting Germany as a business location in the interest of the common good. - Promotion of an eco-social market economy on a national and international level: - Ecological sustainability for the preservation of people, nature and the environment for future generations; economic sustainability for the creation of permanently sustainable foundations for earning a living and prosperity; social sustainability in the sense of a society that is fit for the future, worth living in, and that enables fair participation of all its members. - Promotion of ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and compliance in business, politics and society - Promoting a positive public image of members of governments, parliaments and public services - Promoting a positive public image of entrepreneurs and business leaders - Promotion of charitable and social projects - Promotion of fair cooperation between companies of all sizes and legal forms as well as governmental and international institutions.

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13Verein für Wirtschaftsförderung in Osnabrück
The VWO supports the promotion of the economy in terms of content as well as financially and also the structural networking of companies located in the OS economic region. As the mouthpiece of our member companies, we act at eye level with politicians and are heard in the political decision-making bodies. We are united by our common commitment to a strong business location with attractive and future-proof jobs in strong companies. A core element of this work is VWO's successful public-private partnership with the city of Osnabrück. Both act as equal shareholders of WFO Wirtschaftsförderung Osnabrück GmbH, an engine and driving force for successful economic development in the City of Peace. Furthermore, we promote the interlinking of local companies with the universities in order to bind young talents to the region at an early stage and to position the science and teaching location even more strongly as a nucleus for innovations and business start-ups. The founding of the InnovationsCentrum Osnabrück (ICO), the annual Career Clip Award and the Osnabrück Business Award are further examples of measures with which the VWO stimulates the supply of skilled workers, the willingness to innovate and the start-up spirit in the city and district of Osnabrück. Last but not least, the VWO offers its members a broad-based networking platform that includes events and lectures at the business breakfast, which takes place six times a year.

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14Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland e.V.
The Wirtschaftsjunioren: That's about 10,000 entrepreneurs and managers under 40 years of age. The association is globally networked and, as the largest network of young business people in Germany, has a local presence with around 215 member groups. The members are committed to their careers and also want to make a difference. With their economic-political and social commitment the members take responsibility for the future and give the young economy a voice. The WJ promote the exchange and development of young entrepreneurs, businesswomen and executives.

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Represented by the directors:

Prof. Dr. Marco Barenkamp, LL.M. (chairman and founder)
Dipl. Inf. (FH) Sascha Dömer (Board of Directors)
Stephan Brauckmann (Board of Directors)

Register court: Amtsgericht Osnabrück
Registration number: HRB 193 16
VAT identification number: DE 211909662