Operation, support & security from one source.

Without a modern IT infrastructure, hardly any business can be successfully advanced.

Rely on Managed IT Services.

Hand over the responsibility for certain sub-areas of IT to us as your service provider. With Service Level Agreements (SLA), we ensure that the defined activities are carried out. In most cases, these kind of services are invoiced at a fixed price, which means that the costs remain transparent and easy to calculate in the long term.

Without reliable protection against cyber attacks, a modern company will not be able to act reliably.

Focus on cyber security measures.

Due to the exponential growth of computer networks in the last decades, besides the number of cyber attacks, the damage caused by them on a daily basis has increased tremendously. Therefore, ensuring cyber security is one of the most significant challenges in modern computer science. We take care of it!

„The common goal: Your systems are always up to date and meet current requirements"

Michael Meitsch
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Michael Meitsch has been an integral part of our LMIS since 2008. As Business Development Manager, he is dedicated to modern tools and innovative MIS concepts, combining them with the expert knowledge of his team colleagues.

1What are Managed IT Services and when does it make sense to outsource applications?
This includes all IT issues that are outsourced to us as an external service provider. It is not possible to give a general outline of how this would look in practice, as the service varies from customer to customer. The range is from full operation of the entire IT to the support of individual applications.

In principle, it makes sense for every company to hand over IT operations in professional hands. This does not block resources in the own company and all employees can concentrate on the core business in a value-adding way. Many of our customers initially tried to operate their IT completely by themselves in order to save costs. After a while, however, it usually turns out that the operation does not run smoothly and the costs are significantly higher in the long run than when operating via a service provider. A lot of people think that you urgently need to build up IT competence in order to be prepared for the future. Actually, however, the opposite is more likely to be the case.
2That would be like every company carrying its own letters to the recipient's mailbox, right?
Yes, exactly. You give your letters to the post office and don't try to become your own mailman. Nobody would think of this idea, because it involves an enormous amount of time and money until you have built up the know-how to reach a professional standard.

Therefore, everyone turns to a professional supplier who can deliver the right solution quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, you also get a functional guarantee and can be sure that all market requirements are considered. The same applies to Managed IT Services.

A professional service provider like us is able to operate IT with high performance and stability. We also guarantee the service levels agreed with you. In addition, our customers naturally benefit from a certain economies of scale, as we can allocate our resources to our MIS customers. As a result, we are even cheaper than having our own dedicated team when viewed critically and objectively.
3What MIS services does LMIS offer?
In short: application management, IT operations and support. And across the board for all managed IT services, we constantly invest in personnel, know-how and hardware to ensure that your systems receive the highest level of IT support. Achieving and maintaining this standard is almost impossible for you, since your core business is located elsewhere. So, there is no need for you to build up your own competencies.

We analyze and understand your systems deeply and completely. Based on this, we ensure the desired availability, efficient maintenance and optional need-based further development and optimization of your applications.
4Why is LMIS the right partner?
We have a sound industry know-how, which we have acquired and constantly expanded over the last 20 years. Because we see it as our task to know and understand the individual IT structures and processes of our customers. Your existing IT systems are managed by us specifically with regard to stability assurance and performance. Our strength lies in questioning the processes used and identifying optimization potentials. In addition to the operation, which we also offer you 24/7 on-call service, our support team will of course take care of your inquiries.
5Why is our service so valuable to our customers? And what does Application Management have to do with it?
Our customers' in-house applications and systems not only have to be operated, but generally also constantly optimized and further developed in line with requirements. Professional services, such as the consideration of legal changes or adjustments to updates of operating systems, are of great importance in this context. Thanks to our specialization, savings can even be made on individual solutions. Even with different applications, maintenance and support processes can be optimized across the board.

The special feature of our approach is that we transfer the applications to Application Management using precisely defined methods. We not only transfer the existing code and documentation, but also deal with the respective application and software development tools in detail. This process begins with the planning stage. Together we examine very carefully which applications and systems should be supported by us and which availabilities are required. Above all, clearly defined interfaces to other applications are crucial in order to ensure smooth operation of the entire system. This also includes making the interaction between the specialist department, other service providers and the data center open and transparent.

A clear definition of objectives, such as clearly regulated availabilities, cost transparency and flexibility in further development are the foundation for long-term and successful business relationships.
6How do we enable transparent and budget-compliant support?
Together, we create the conditions to implement the common goals in the best possible way. These include the transparent presentation of competencies, efficient communication channels and a regular transfer of know-how between service providers and user companies. Usually, fixed budgets are agreed upon for this, which include the infrastructure, monitoring, continuous updates and support.

In certain cases, a fixed, dynamically retrievable cost framework is also useful for jobs, that cannot be planned in advance. This allows fixed budgets to be adhered to while at the same time providing support in line with requirements. In our experience, the fixed budget is often up to 10% below the costs of internal operations already in the second year of operation. This is achieved through the scaling effects already explained and through a high degree of standardization of our processes as a managed service provider.
7Keyword: Support. What advantages do Managed IT Services offer in this respect?
A further important advantage can be seen in the area of support. Due to our deep understanding of customer systems, we offer 2nd and 3rd level support in addition to first level support, where a user requires telephone assistance, for example, when using a software solution. This means that in the end we can deal with the manufacturer or the development team on an equal footing. This enables us to identify and solve any problems quickly.
8At least as important is the issue of security. Correct?
For many companies it is easier to hand over sensitive data to a service provider in a responsible manner than to leave it in the company. The question often arises as to who can access certain data or what happens when an employee is released. We handle a lot of sensitive data from our customers on a daily basis and have adapted our processes to these questions. This is especially true for questions regarding DSGVO or server locations for cloud applications.

Application Management
Application Management
Cyber Security
Cyber Security
Reibungsloser IT-Betrieb durch Managed IT Service

With our ITIL-compliant and certified MIS team, we operate the systems in your company. With the collection of BEST PRACTICES for Service Management, we are able to significantly increase efficient and qualitative services and offer you a consistent service.



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