Slide MINDSET Let's make IT smarter. Our corporate identity is based on a mission statement in which we describe the vision, mission and corporate culture of our LMIS.


We are smart and always strive to make IT solutions even smarter.

Together we have to summarize the cornerstones of our LMIS philosophy in a mission statement.

As a team, we have worked out and brought to the point what we want to achieve, what makes our success possible and what demands we make on ourselves and our actions - demands by which we all want to be measured. Our statements describe the vision and mission of our LMIS AG and they help us to keep an eye on what is important to us - in our daily work and in our long-term orientation. In this way we can develop further and be successful in the long term.

Our vision

  • We have stood for high quality for over 20 years. We achieve our common goals through agile and transparent work. Trust, appreciation and empowerment define our image.
  • The open corporate culture, mutual respect and fun at work, as well as the opportunities for co-determination characterize the "we-feeling" and make us a top employer.
  • A long-term, customer-oriented and professional cooperation is the basis for economic stability and our success.
  • Challenges, continuous training and innovative spirit enable us to achieve healthy growth and future security.

Our Mission


We stand for quality, innovative products and industry-oriented research and development. As an experienced partner of the German economy, we focus on long-term relationships.

Our understanding of quality

The continuous DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms that we think and act with quality in all our processes. A comprehensive requirements analysis, a dual control principle and the consideration of software ergonomics during implementation are just a few aspects of our quality standards. Whereby our way of working is thus demonstrably reflected in a constant increase in performance.

"We are a very down-to-earth, self-financed company, not a start-up. We are very actively thinking about aspects of sustainability as well as profitability and this ensures that we can address the problems of our customers with the right understanding. Despite the fact that we are 20 years old, we are still a young, innovative company that has not forgotten how to think things over again. I believe that in many respects we do not stop at the old structures, but interact with ourselves and our environment in a very, very agile and modern way. This ensures that we develop solutions that will still work tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."

Marco Barenkamp
Chairman of the Board & Founder




Our project management is smart, digital and scalable. Learn more about our interdisciplinary approach according to Scrum.

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