locations of LMIS AG

date: 09/2018

LMIS AG has been providing professional IT services since the year 2000. It makes us proud to think that customers from all over Germany have put their trust in us.

LMIS AG has several sites in Germany, with employees from across our areas of business. This allows us to operate not only locally and regionally, but also Germany-wide. In this way, we can make optimal use of individual locational advantages and synergetic effects, coordinating them accordingly. This offers our customers many advantages, not only in terms of availability.

We are located in Osnabrück (headquarters), Berlin, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Wuppertal.

Our headquarters in the heart of Osnabrück

Hasehaus in Osnabrück

Our employees thrive in an ultra-modern three-story complex, with more than 2000 m² office space. The Mayor of Osnabrück, Wolfgang Griesert, as well as Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister, Boris Pistorius, have described our premises as “currently the most attractive offices in the city of Osnabrück.”

The location couldn’t be more convenient. It is just a ten-minute walk along the riverside Hase-Ufer-Weg from the Osnabrück train station to our headquarters. And you can’t get any closer to downtown Osnabrück.

Wuppertal – not even flying is better.

You can also find us at our office in Wuppertal. This location makes it easier for our customers in the southern part of Germany to reach us. It also enables us to stay in close contact with our strategic cooperation partner KNIPEX.


Berlin – our location in the capital

We always operate on the cutting edge. Our Berlin location, at Kurfürstendamm 136, puts us in the right place for close cooperation with the federal ministries established there. This enables us to significantly streamline internal processes and makes cooperation much more efficient.

Close cooperation with federal ministries

Our centrally located office on the Kurfürstendamm enables our staff to participate directly in Berlin’s (economic) life. Here in the capital, we benefit from unparalleled proximity to the Government, the Parliament, and Germany’s major trade associations. Of course, we also appreciate the very high quality of life experienced in one of Germany’s key districts. Notable business networks and lively exchange are additional advantages of being located in the capital. Our office in Berlin gives us a unique opportunity to play an active part in international business.


Friedland – the gateway to the East

You can also find us in our Friedland office, in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. This office enables customers from the eastern part of Germany to reach us easily, paving the way for stepping up cooperative projects with our neighboring states in the East.

Great potential: new customers and new industries

The ongoing trend towards market internationalization has increased the importance of proximity to the customer, including in the IT industry. As a forward-looking IT service provider, we believe it is crucial to be close to our clients, facilitating personal contact. By operating an office in Friedland, we are responding to many customers’ wishes for direct local support in the eastern part of Germany.

Cultural diversity in the Mecklenburg Lake District

Our location in Friedland also has a lot to offer in terms of culture − Anklam Gate, for instance, is always worth a visit. Those wishing to enjoy nature and the countryside will also be impressed. The Mecklenburg Lake District is an ideal location for nature lovers, a place where creative ideas are born. The close location to our Berlin site also has many advantages, guaranteeing short coordination channels.