What's the meaning of "LMIS"?



Our guiding principles

We are a team. We help each other.
We rethink, we think ahead – we take a broad view and think outside the box.

Our guiding principles help us create a foundation of trust among all staff. To achieve this, we – as a team – have gone to great depths to figure out just what exactly it is that makes LMIS AG special. The result is our key guiding principles, which we identify with, and which show that every single team member contributes to our shared success.


Passion &

Our passion and performance shine through – each and every day. Rather than reading from a script, I adapt my performance to the situation at hand and to the specific needs of our customers.

Motivation &

We have a mission: to ensure that our products and services enhance our customers’ business success and performance. I appreciate the freedom and modern working tools that allow me to organize my work independently and flexibly.

Information &

We promote open, transparent communication across all departments, and raise issues constructively within the team and with our customers at an early stage. I handle all operations and customer information in strict confidence.

Diligence &

We ensure the high quality of our work by regularly participating in training. Our clients recognize and appreciate our professional expertise. I work with precision and I am attentive to the little things. Because every detail plays an important part in our overall performance.


Our team

Teamwork is a fundamental, integral part of any success.


For cooperation to succeed, specialists need to be formed into an agile team and accommodate each other’s different working styles. Only if each member of the team has a particular role to play can the team successfully tackle demanding challenges together, with every member developing their full potential. For this reason, when putting together our teams, we don’t just consider expertise and performance, but also ensure that the chemistry is right. The outcome: highly motivated teams with the freedom required for individual growth, and that focus on personal and professional development. To ensure the long-term success of our teams, we support continuous professional development as well as external and internal knowledge transfer among staff. Maintaining our certifications from our suppliers consistently reaffirms our IT experts’ skills.


Board of Directors


Supervisory Board


Team leaders


Our network


As a practice partner in the “SmartHybrid” innovation network, we help companies in Lower Saxony to achieve digital transformation. This means scientifically investigating digital business models for SMEs, taking an objective approach, and harnessing the latest trends and technologies.

Osnabrück University

Our successful efforts in cooperating with Osnabrück University have given numerous students the opportunity to complete a practical project and write their final theses at LMIS AG as part of their degree programs, getting their careers off to a good start.

Universität Osnabrück

Besides cooperating with Osnabrück University, we have also collaborated with universities of applied sciences in the region for years. This cooperation has resulted in numerous research projects and events, such as the Global Day of Coderetreat (GDCR).

WFO Wirtschaftsförderung Osnabrück

As a member of the Wirtschaftsförderung business development association, we have a huge opportunity to help shape the economy. Osnabrück’s economy is built on an interesting mix of industrial, trade, and service companies. SMEs are the backbone of Osnabrück’s economy, ensuring its stability.

Zertifizierter IHK Ausbildungsbetrieb

We are an apprenticing company, registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Osnabrück − Emsland − Grafschaft Bentheim. We have been training apprentices to become Office Management Assistants, IT Systems Integration Specialists, IT Application Development Specialists, and IT Systems Assistants since 2014. .

Niedersachsen packt an

We support the “Niedersachsen packt an” initiative, designed to protect refugees from abroad, and to help them make a new start in Lower Saxony. Values such as solidarity, tolerance, and social cohesion play a key role. We support these efforts wholeheartedly.

Erfolgsfaktor Familie

As a member of the “Success Factor Family” network, we are reaffirming our commitment to achieving a better balance between work and family life in Germany. We are convinced that creating family-friendly working environments is one of our fundamental tasks.

Initiative D21

Initiative D21, which supports refugees, promotes direct exchange among the many dedicated individuals from business, politics, public administration, and civil society. The aim of the refugee aid support platform is to ensure transparency on proposed IT assistance programs, gather information about such bids, and to make them easier to find.