We start where standard reaches its limits.

Ever since the German engineer Konrad Zuse built the first functioning computer in 1941, the use of information and communication technology has been increasing continuously and today it is impossible to imagine life without it. In the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, we are dealing with topics such as digitalization, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and machine learning. As information and its processing become more and more important, software and its use in all business processes is also becoming increasingly important.

This development is made possible by more powerful hardware, which enables the use of highly complex software tools and company-wide IT solutions. Today, mobile devices offer the possibility to carry out all business processes completely independent of location. Due to this rapid market development, software products are now available for almost all industries and departments and all standardized business processes can be mapped with appropriate software tools.

If you operate in a niche market with only a few competitors, there are often no suitable standard solutions to cover all processes satisfactorily. If you even develop a disruptive business model yourself to clearly differentiate yourself from the competition, it will be difficult to find an efficient standard tool.

In all these cases you need an individually developed software solution, which is optimally tailored to your own needs. Since different industries, companies and their departments are as individual and multifaceted as the software solutions required, we have set up a separate division in our LMIS for this purpose.

Our construction kit has been growing for over 20 years and contains technologies and methodologies for almost every vision.

1What is behind the industry focus on INDIVIDUAL?
There are many standard solutions, but they are not optimal for all companies and their business processes, challenges and activities. This means that they can be used, but they are often not sufficient or much more extensive than required and therefore only conditionally economical. This is where the solutions of LMIS come into focus. In more than 20 years we have built up a carefully selected technology construction kit.

With our expertise and innovative strength, we can provide companies in all industries with comprehensive support in digitization. We cover every aspect of software development, even in complex projects. This ranges from requirements analysis and development to operation and support through our Managed IT Services.
2What if the requirements lie outside the technology kit?
The important problems of many customers can often only be solved efficiently with customer-specific, individual software. In order for a customized software solution to be on time and on budget and to deliver the desired business view, the service provider must have the right experience and working methods to suit the customer and his project. Only in a partnership-based cooperation and transparent communication will the result meet or - to put it in terms of our expectations - exceed the customer's expectations.

That is why we focus on open communication in projects in addition to methodological diversity and current technologies. This applies both during the determination of requirements and during the entire development process and afterwards.

This is ultimately what lies behind the INDIVIDUAL area. It's a bit difficult to clearly define the area. In this area, we bundle exactly those customers who also need an individual project based on the individual requirements and technologies used.

If there are requirements outside of our technology construction kit, we are naturally happy to familiarize ourselves with new things. But we also tell customers quite openly if we think other partners are better suited because they have the right focus. Often, we work in partnership with other service providers, so that each of them takes care of their respective core areas in a joint project.
3Which customers are the focus here?
As mentioned above, we focus on technologies and methodologies rather than on specific areas. In fact, our current client portfolio ranges from global players in the automotive sector to some of the world's leading research institutes and nationally operating service companies and corporations. Basically, however, we focus on established medium-sized companies, with whom we usually do not just carry out a project, but maintain long-term partnerships on an equal footing.

That is why it is so important to us that the project fits to us and that we develop an optimal solution with our customers. There can always be projects that don't fit in, in which case we discuss this openly with the customer. Especially long-term customers often want us to carry out a new project together. In this case, we will find a solution that considers the additional effort required to learn the necessary technologies. However, I am also happy to advise a customer sensibly and, if necessary, help him find a suitable implementation partner. Experience has shown that in the long term, projects with significant added value for both sides often result from this trusting level.

This approach is firmly anchored in our consulting principles and is therefore part of our processes and methodologies.
4What services do we offer the INDIVIDUAL sector?
Our services are as individual as our customers. Whether modular architecture, scalability, fail-safe, responsive design or cloud application is not important. The solution of differentiated customer problems is our main focus. If desired, our development team can also map the entire software lifecycle, from requirements analysis and development to live operation of the software via our Managed IT Services. Our INDUVIDUAL services also include all special services such as reverse engineering of existing software components or the evaluation of existing software architectures.

In addition to the technical level, we also offer a modern portfolio of services at the process and management level. We live agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban, we have experience in rapid prototyping, use design sprints and offer a holistic project management. Overall, we always strive for complete cost and performance transparency.

In addition, we focus on innovative technologies such as AR and AI and we have in-depth knowledge in connecting modern technologies to older existing applications.

Our customers rely on us to master the technologies used and to use them profitably in their projects.
5What problems do we solve for our customers?
There is no constantly recurring problem or special type of problem. Every company has grown differently and therefore our customers usually have one or more problems of their own.

Before an optimal solution can be found, the process starts with a detailed analysis. This is something that definitely distinguishes us. Only when the exact causes have been determined do we define the scope in a requirements analysis. This can sometimes be very broad and deep. By breadth, I mean, for example, that a customer from the logistics sector wants to make his warehousing more efficient and traceable. A building service provider wants to get rid of its paperwork and work fully digitally, and the online store may need a payment solution or want to optimize its conversion rate. These are all projects that we have implemented recently. This shows how multi-faceted our portfolio is in this area.

But no matter how individual the requirements and projects are, there are very often overlaps in technology. Our new customers and partners benefit from these synergies. Combined with our agile project management, we always achieve a high implementation speed in our projects.

The same applies to depth. Our projects often run through many technical levels and range, for example, from the deepest backend development of a middleware to the classic frontend of an e-commerce system. Of course, with all the associated intermediate steps, such as consolidating databases, integrating payment systems or synchronizing with the ERP system. Here, too, the high diversity of challenges faced by our customers is evident.
6But customizing of standard software is also possible?
That's right, this is another point in our range of services. Usually such a project starts with a requirements analysis, because the team has to work its way into the existing concrete situation.

We examine thereby to what extent the existing components can be further used and if necessary modularly extended, or whether a completely new development is more meaningful. Meaningfulness and cost use stand in the foreground. We always strive for the most efficient solution for our customers.

After all, one does not always have to reinvent the wheel. If there are already components that work well, then these should be used and improved if necessary.
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