Slide DYNAMIAN Digital process instructions increase productivity and knowledge retention, ensure quality of results and combine digital, living operational knowledge.


Simply use knowledge.


Since the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, the collection and processing of information has become increasingly important. Nowadays knowledge is an important commodity and professional knowledge management is crucial for your company to survive in the market in the future.

The challenge lies in the rapidly increasing amount in which information is gained. Already now, many companies have more knowledge available than can be processed with conventional methods. It is becoming increasingly difficult to grasp the essentials and make rational decisions based on the wealth of information available. In addition, the difficulty lies in giving all employees access to corporate knowledge and filtering it according to criteria relevant to them. The transfer of knowledge between employees must be guaranteed as well as the transfer to a central location in the company in order to secure the knowledge in the long term.

Application Scenario Dynamian Quality

With modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), these challenges can be solved elegantly and effectively. The advantages are obvious. If you make knowledge available to your employees in a simple, targeted manner, independent of location, training times are significantly reduced and employees can be deployed much more flexibly. Your service technicians can work much more effectively and, with additional support from Augmented Reality, completely new service models can be established. The process level is not left untouched either, and quality management in particular benefits from centrally managed processes and automated documentation.

In order to offer your company the chance to build up a central knowledge management easily and cost-effectively, we have created a company-wide solution with DYNAMIAN.

Application Scenario Dynamian Assembly


DYNAMIAN is a product for the digitalization of workflows at assembly workstations, in maintenance scenarios and for the conversion of production machines.
In order to increase quality and avoid errors, we rely on a step-by-step approach, where the worker is shown exactly the information he needs at the current time to do his work in the best possible way. The creation of instructions is particularly simple and intuitive, so that, if desired, your workers are also able to create new procedures without extensive training. The training time of new employees is shortened enormously, because the resulting collection of company knowledge becomes visible and manageable.

In order to make the introduction to the department as easy as possible and to maximize the usability, we created several versions of DYNAMIAN.

The three modules ASSEMBLY, QUALITY and MAINTENANCE are optimally adapted to the needs of production, quality management and the service department.

In order to offer an even higher added value and to be equipped with the latest technologies for future requirements, all three versions can be extended with our additional modules for AR or KI.

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Dynamian AR provides additional information in the field of view, links it to real objects and, together with hands-free operation, enables more efficient work. ​

  • Hands-Free
  • Digital information at the real object
  • Ad-hoc 3D models / CAD import

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Dynamian AI uses artificial intelligence to support the selection and specification of work steps during execution and improves the cooperation between humans and AI through object recognition. ​

  • Cooperation
  • Adaptive worker guidance
  • Object recognition




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