are cultivated today.


Dynamian is our solution to create the workflows digitally. The work instructions at assembly workstations, in quality assurance or for maintenance can be carried out very quickly and easily.

Dynamian supports your employees in their new tasks and ensures high employee motivation. A step-by-step procedure displays only the information needed for the current work step.

Dynamian has a self-explanatory and user-friendly interface and can be operated with tablet, smartphone, web browser and AR glasses. As of now, your employees will get up to speed very quickly and complete their tasks effortlessly.

  • easy to create instructions
  • intuitive Interface
  • keep processes simple and up-to-date
Compatible with any system and any browser

The logo from Microsoft visualizes the functionality of Dynamian on Windows devices The logo of Android visualizes the functionality of Dynamian on Android devices The logo of Apple visualizes Dynamian functionality on Apple devices The logo of iOS visualizes the functionality of Dynamian on iOS operating systems The logo of Google Chrome visualizes the functionality of Dynamian in Google Chrome browser The logo of Firefox visualizes the functionality of Dynamian in Firefox browser The logo of Safari visualizes the functionality of Dynamian in Safari browser The logo of Edge visualizes the functionality of Dynamian in the Edge browser The logo of Opera visualizes the functionality of Dynamian in the Opera browser


Dynamian creates a consistent knowledge transfer across the enterprise. Simple step-by-step instructions enable your employees to acquire skills through learning by doing.

With flexible employee deployment, you can respond quickly to short-term customer demands and meet deadlines.

Your benefits:
  • Flexible deployment of employees due to short training periods
  • Retention of knowledge even in the event of employee fluctuation
  • Documents are centrally available and up to date
  • No wasted working time due to clear task description
  • Direct access to information without search effort
  • Shorter machine downtimes
  • Low complaint rate due to increased quality
  • Cost reduction of up to 40 %
  • Productivity increase up to 20 %
  • Reduction in set-up time
  • Use of AI and AR technology
  • Integration into the existing system landscape
  • Compatible with all modern systems and browsers


Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) can be used to solve challenges even more elegantly.

The Dynamian logo represents the field of artificial intelligence

You want your existing application to be able to recognize objects on its own? This is exactly where AI comes in. The intelligent technology is implemented in your existing system. The machine learning module recognizes the objects and provides necessary information to the user. From now on, your workflows run automatically and the cooperation between human and machine is kept as simple as possible.

The Dynamian logo represents the field of augmented reality

The use of AR glasses drastically reduces setup times and increases productivity. The assembly instructions fit into the field of view of the glasses wearer and function without interaction with the equipment. Hands-free technology allows 100% concentration on the task and eliminates the distracting component such as operating a tablet.



  • We develop an individual AI or AR solution.
  • You will receive professional managed IT services.
  • We aim for long-term partnership with global potential.
Productivity increase
Productivity increase
Cost reduction
Cost reduction
AI and AR development
AI and AR development
User friendly interface
User friendly interface




Please feel free to give us a call and together we can determine your optimization potential.

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