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Autonomous threat detection, investigation and defense through the Darktrace Immune System

Darktrace's cyber AI is self-learning, meaning it doesn't rely on static rules or data on previous attacks, but gradually builds its own picture of the "normal" behavior patterns of your dynamic workforce and diverse digital infrastructure. This enables holistic protection of cloud, SaaS, and email systems, as well as IoT, endpoints, and cyber-physical systems.
Darktrace AI is equipped with autonomous-response functionality and uses its self-generated insights to stop ultra-fast-acting attacks with surgical precision. Darktrace knows the normal patterns of behavior, called "Patterns of Life," and can therefore instantly disarm threats. Regular business operations can continue without restriction.



Thanks to Autonomous Response and Darktrace Immune System, your IT security managers are back on top.

In addition to detecting threats, be able to intelligently defend against ongoing attacks before they can do any damage. With the Enterprise Immune System's accurate picture of all digital infrastructure, quick and targeted action can be taken to accurately stop attacks, even if the threat is targeted or completely unknown. Instead of large-scale interference with day-to-day operations, Antigena intervenes precisely and minimally invasively. It enforces the normal "pattern of life" of an infected device or compromised user, rendering the threat harmless within seconds. The systems continue to run as normal. These autonomous actions are not only granular, but are also dynamically adapted to the severity of the evolving threat.




Perform threat investigations in a fully automated manner and significantly reduce evaluation time.

Once a suspicious behavior pattern is detected, the Cyber AI Analyst initiates an enterprise-wide investigation. This involves piecing together all the anomalies like a jigsaw puzzle so that reliable conclusions can be drawn about the nature and cause of the broader security incident. Because the AI can act instantly anywhere, it is able to generate several thousand queries and follow up on hundreds of leads simultaneously. This means that information about the full scope of an incident is quickly available in real time. The Cyber AI Analyst not only automates the workflows of human analysts at lightning speed on a large scale, but is as flexible as a human in its intelligence gathering. The system can therefore quickly interpret and report security incidents resulting from novel attack methods.



Securely position hybrid infrastructures and geographically distributed teams.

In the cloud, security teams not only have to contend with a lack of insight and opportunities for influence, but also with sometimes completely different and incompatible security tools. The result is overly loose permissions and careless errors. This traditional isolated security approach is usually not very robust and not holistic, so that no sufficient protection is provided. It relies on static, compartmentalized methods that fail to detect compromised credentials, insider threats, and critical misconfigurations. The Darktrace Immune System compensates for these weaknesses with self-learning AI that knows the "normal" behavior patterns at each layer and dynamically analyzes the distributed and unpredictable behaviors in email, cloud, and network environments.




Learning the dynamic typical behavior patterns of incoming and outgoing user emails.

Spoofing or hijacking a trusted account can trigger a ransomware attack. Traditional email security tools typically analyze emails in isolation and on a point-by-point basis, matching them against blacklists, signatures, and predefined characteristics of malicious elements. This approach can certainly catch simple spam, but subtle hints of a complex social engineering attack or disguised spear phishing campaigns are not detected. Darktrace analyzes normal behavior patterns and creates a picture of people communicating with each other via email. The cyber AI technology reliably examines whether the interaction matches the normal behavior patterns or it seems unusual.



Ensure robust IoT security and sound insights into the big picture.

The Internet of Things has created a whole new threat vector in the enterprise. Many IoT devices pose a security risk because they have rudimentary security mechanisms. Robust IoT security requires insights into the big picture - not just vulnerabilities or managed devices, but also the complex patterns of behavior in the digital environment. Using cyber AI, organizations can monitor 100% of their devices at any point in the network. Darktrace learns the normal behavior patterns of each device and therefore detects the full spectrum of IoT attacks. Darktrace responds in real time, neutralizing threats and minimizing risk in every area of your business.




Operate industrial control systems (ICS) safely and robustly.

As industrial environments grow in size and scope, there is a need for greater reliance on AI to more deeply and effectively address such cyber-physical attacks. With Darktrace's holistic insights and analytics of OT and IT environments, threats are detected as soon as they enter the enterprise - regardless of the point of attack. For our customers, the insights provided by Cyber AI Analyst are also extremely helpful for technical implementation, as are the overviews of incidents that are immediately displayed.







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