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Process Mining

Process Mining works like an X-ray of your business processes. You get a real picture of how your processes work today. This technology enables you to fully understand the flow of your core business processes and uncover inefficiencies that stand in the way of performance. This allows you to take intelligent, automated measures to close process gaps.


Why should we engage in Process Mining?

Classical process description does not really reflect reality

Processes are modeled in BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), for example. The real world often looks different: BPMN does not show how important a process step is, how often it is performed or how long it takes. Processes are created manually and mostly focus on the "happy flows" and not on the rare deviations, which, however, usually cost a lot of money and resources. These usually remain undetected!

Modern AI-based Process Mining optimally combines the disciplines of Data Mining and Business Process Modeling. It discovers, monitors and improves processes using the data already available in the company. For example, there will be no interview with stakeholders to identify the processes. Instead, real data is used to identify the ideal process, but also the (sometimes expensive) deviations.


Automated process analysis

You receive a real-time, data-based actual analysis of your entire business process. This allows you to identify deviations and weak points at a glance.

Increased compliance

To ensure legal compliance, the actual and target processes are analyzed for deviations in order to identify differences and easily resolve them in the subsequent step. As a result, all legal requirements and rule conformity are adhered to, leading to an increase in compliance.

Improved process quality

By increasing your process efficiency, you also benefit from reduced lead times, higher automation rates, less rework, and high customer satisfaction.

Business Value

As a result of process automation and the reduction of process costs, working capital is reduced, revenues are increased and risk management is improved.


Why Celonis?

Why does LMIS attach so much importance to its partnership with Celonis? Quite simply, because we only work with the best.

Everest Group, a leading global research organization that regularly analyzes various market segments, notes Celonis as a leader in the Process Mining segment in its 2020 PEAK Matrix Report on Process Mining. Based on factors such as market adoption, portfolio mix (coverage of industries, geographies, use cases, etc.), and value delivered, Celonis scored high in both the Market Impact and the Vision and Capabilities dimensions.


Key success factors of Celonis

  • Celonis holds a share of over 60 % in the Process Mining market.
  • The company saw its client base grow almost 400 % year over year.
  • Celonis has the highest market share across all industry market verticals, including manufacturing, public sector, high-tech/telecom, CPG/retail, banking/financial services/insurance, and healthcare/pharma.

Process Mining with Artificial Intelligence

Take the shortcut to optimized processes

Improve your processes in real time with the world's most advanced Process Mining AI engine in the Celonis Business Cloud. Data from your operational systems is aggregated from user interactions and IT systems. Based on this, AI can be used to create a complete picture of your organization, a so-called "digital twin", and a process model, enabling you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business processes. It doesn't matter whether you're working with order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, recruit-to-retire, or other systems - Celonis process models cover your entire organization.

Because data is extracted in real time, you have the ability to take proactive action, such as nipping emerging problems in the bud or seizing opportunities to improve operations across disparate systems and processes. Every single interaction (e.g., purchase orders, service requests, invoices) is based on unique variables that follow a specific path. Knowing every little detail that affects that path allows you to predict future interactions and thus to optimize paths in real time. Even with huge amounts of data, thanks to the Celonis in-memory Process Mining engine, the extremely short query times mean you get instant answers to process questions, allowing you to react immediately. An example? Even with more than 2 billion event logs, the response time is less than 1/8 second.






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