Increase business success with optimized application performance

Application Performance Monitoring

Complete visibility into business-critical transactions down to the line of code in multi-cloud environments.

Let our Application Performance Management (APM) solution monitor your applications to ensure a superior user experience. Complex, distributed applications require effective end-to-end management. Our APM solution enables application mapping, dynamic baselining, and code-level diagnostics. ​

Business Performance Monitoring​

Business iQ provides immediate, clear, action-oriented insights into the relationships between application performance, user experience, and business success.

Gain contextual insights into individual transactions, customer segments, code releases, or entire business services. Easily examine application, infrastructure and user activity events and metrics with a SQL-based AppD Query Language (ADQL). Technical and business KPIs are analyzed and visualized on a single central platform. Application teams can use the tangible information to justify IT investments and prioritize programming and releases.

End User Monitoring

Excellent user experience through monitoring for your critical applications.

Automatically capture errors, crashes, network access, loaded page information, and other metrics to improve the customer experience and quickly resolve issues. In addition, end user monitoring allows you to understand exactly how third-party programming interfaces and content services are affecting performance, providing you with a clear foundation of information to enforce SLAs. ​

Infrastructure Visibility​

Monitor servers and databases critical to application performance.

Ensure that your application is fully supported by the performance of the underlying server, database and network infrastructure. Infrastructure Visibility provides deep visibility into transactions so you can identify and fix server, database, and network problems before they affect your customers-in minutes.

Cisco Secure Application

The new approach in cyber security for application security.

Cisco Secure Application is the only solution specifically designed to protect business-critical applications from the inside out to maintain speed and uptime, no matter where they run. As part of AppDynamics, Cisco Secure Application combines business, performance and security intelligence to protect organizations from slowdowns and attacks. It detects weaknesses and automatically blocks attacks to protect applications, end users, and organizations.




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