Would you like to connect your application to the agrirouter?

LMIS AG is a Trusted Agrirouter Certification Partner for the certification of applications that communicate with the agrirouter.

All applications applying for connection to the agrirouter need to be certified before they can communicate with the agrirouter. Certification ensures that the communication protocols of the agrirouter have been implemented successfully and that the application is able to implement all of the technically required specifications.

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Your direct contact to agrirouter certification:
Do you wish to connect your application to the agrirouter and require the necessary certification? If you have any questions concerning this and would like to discuss the matter, I would be happy to help.

ON-TOP: These are our services
around the agrirouter.

We certify your application. We also give you, with our holistic quality management, suggestions for improvement for your application. If necessary, we also support you with (further) development and support you with our second level support.

Certification of applications

Certification of applications

We certify “Farming Software” and “Telemetry Platform”-type applications.
The knowledge we have gained in test management during the development process of the agrirouter makes it possible for us to carry out certification testing quickly and efficiently. In addition, our staff involved in the certification process come from software development, meaning that they can adapt the certification process to your individual needs to keep overheads down at both ends – in other words, SMART certified.

The expertise we have accumulated from our customers’ projects and from synergies between development and operation allows us to detect and efficiently handle potential sources of errors right at the certification stage.

Holistic quality management

Holistic quality management

We’re used to keeping an eye on the big picture as well as watching out for essential aspects – regardless of whether we’re dealing with Software as a Service (SaaS) or simple APIs via microservices.

Thanks to our experience in test managing the agrirouter and our extensive knowledge in the customer sector, we know what other aspects to look out for – such as UI/UX, security, and performance, in addition to the test cases required for certification. We then incorporate the results in our records as suggestions for improvements. This approach makes it possible to meet our own high demands for high-quality software development.

Individual development support

Individual development support

Should you require special IT assistance with a particular challenge or additional resources to ensure high-quality implementation, simply contact us. Our IT experts in agrirouter connection are ready to assist you whenever you need it, without jumping through a lot of hoops.

We share our knowledge and provide assistance – even across different programming languages. We’re happy to provide IT support in the area of conceptual design, as well as in particular solutions involving the implementation of features, all within an agile process.

Synergies through Operation & Support

Synergies through Operation & Support

We provide second-level support for the agrirouter, including multilingual telephone and written support, and continuous monitoring and reporting using our own monitoring applications as well as products provided by SAP.

The synergies generated with the Operation & Support team give us a results-oriented and realistic impression of the requirements and problems encountered in the market. As a result, we can also incorporate this experience in the certification and consultation process.

Do you need support for such a project?

We manage projects from the first idea to live operation and bring the necessary tools with you to keep an eye on costs, quality and time.