We stand for quality, innovative products and industry-oriented research and development. As an experienced partner of the German economy, we focus on long-term relationships.

Our mission.

We understand Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security as well as Smart Contracts and Blockchain as strong future topics, which offer enormous potentials not only scientifically but also economically. Together with partners, research groups, customers and in consortia we develop innovative solutions and new knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Marco Barenkamp im Interview über den Einsatz von Künstlicher Intelligenz

Using artificial intelligence to beat the competition.

An interview with Prof. Dr. Marco Barenkamp

CEO & Founder

+49 (0)541 | 200 690-200

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Auto Workshop 4.0: AI expertise from Osnabrück gives wings to the German workshop industry.

Our AW4.0 project is one of the winners of the GAIA-X funding competition from the German Federal Ministry of Economics. Our strong consortium is developing a platform for the trustworthy exchange of industry-specific data and AI models.

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